Social Media: a black hole

social media has turned into a toxic place

a platform where those who think it's a race. 

In a society where imperfections should be buried.

In a century where high level of beauty is worth more than the beauty of the soul.

In a generation where depression, anxiety, eating disorders are effected by more people than ever before, blaming social media. 

Not following society or not complied with their claims what beauty and perfection is does not make you any less worthy. 

Acne? Birth marks? Short hair? Short? Tall? No boobs? No ass? Thick? Thin? Dark or pale skin? Brown eyes? Big nose? 

You're still cute af. 

Beauty is not what social media shows us. Beauty is in our actions, in how we treat people that reflects to our appearance and the energy we give people at first meets. 

Save yourself from the hurting and love yourself dearly. 


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  1. I love this wonderful reminder, context, perspective and framework for considering beauty.
    It is very sage advice!

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