Light a Candle: chapter two

Dear reader,

Society wants us to be perfect but 
I don't want to be rated,
I don't want to be updated, 
I just want to look like me the way I got created.
I don't want to be hated,
I just want to be related.

I got no perfect skin, I'm not thin enough, I got imperfections, I got marks all over my body and a birthmark too but my heart carries so much love and my soul is made up of meadow flowers that is hard to find these days but that's not enough for our toxic society.

Society tells us to be unique but how can we be unique if we're all at peak  with no imperfections that makes you YOU? How is that supposed to work? how can we be different when others won't accept it? We judge each other without realizing as it is human nature but what is not human nature is creating these beauty standards for women and men. 

Beauty cannot be standardized and neither can we put people in boxes. We shouldn’t measure anything. We are as fucking perfect as we fucking are. 


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“Light a Candle” is about the hurting, the healing, the loving. It’s a book I have worked on on Wattpad for two years since around late 2018/early 2019 and still to this day, I keep writing and adding my writings to Light a Candle because I feel like “the hurting, the healing, the loving” has no end. Hurting, healing and loving is what makes life liveable. It’s a journey through life. You get hurt, you heal and you love = you learn each day of your life. 

I’m one of the most private people out there. I only share what I want and allow people to know about me leaving with a little bit of mystery. 

Light a Candle is like a door full of answers yet still keeps me mysterious in a way you want to know more, want to read more. My writings are written in letter forms because I want the reader to feel like it’s only for their eyes to build a connection between the writer and the reader.