Light a Candle: chapter three

Dear reader, 

It took me some time 

To see her beauty 

In her smile

To see heaven

that shines through her eyes 

when she cries 

Or the sound of her voice 

when she laughs or talks

It's pure warmth 

won't lie this time 

Loving her

Is the most beautiful thing 

I have ever accomplished in life 

I won't let her go 

Because I know for a fact 

That she and I 

We belong to each other

Until death do us 

body and soul apart

Dear reader, remember, mental health IS important. 

You can't find success in any form if you aren't mentally strong. Women or men it doesn't matter. Mental health isn’t gender based like feminism that isn't about one sex being the sun and the other isn't. It's about equality. I know it's hard but try to love yourself more than you did yesterday. 



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I gave you 3 writings and I hope you love them and felt every sentence because every word every sentence is straight from the heart. I’ll upload once a while writings from Light a Candle. Follow me on social media and subscribe to this blog (the button is on the top left) to know when next chapters will be uploaded. Sharing is caring 🦋

“Light a Candle” is about the hurting, the healing, the loving. It’s a book I have worked on on Wattpad for two years since around late 2018/early 2019 and still to this day, I keep writing and adding my writings to Light a Candle because I feel like “the hurting, the healing, the loving” has no end. Hurting, healing and loving is what makes life liveable. It’s a journey through life. You get hurt, you heal and you love = you learn each day of your life. 

I’m one of the most private people out there. I only share what I want and allow people to know about me leaving with a little bit of mystery. 

Light a Candle is like a door full of answers yet still keeps me mysterious in a way you want to know more, want to read more. My writings are written in letter forms because I want the reader to feel like it’s only for their eyes to build a connection between the writer and the reader.